Emergency Necklace for Elderly

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Published: 09th September 2010
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Senior Medical Alert system AlarmCare from AlarmForce have a new approach in helping our senior citizens. And that is why they have 1, 50,000 customers all across Canada and selected regions of North America. They are known to be the best elderly alert system and a synonym for senior care. With the top most seniority in the field beginning from 1988, AlarmForce is listed in TSE and BBB.

AlarmCare does not have the complexities of usual emergency medical alerts. It can be worn as a pendant or a necklace and the push of a button on it, connects you with the central monitoring station of AlarmForce. This elderly emergency alert has a 2-way voice voice communicator, and a help button. The advantage is that it has a very good range. That means even if you are out of your house, in your front or back yard the system will give you a response. The live 2-way communicator helps AlarmForce representatives to be there with the customer throughout the time until the concerned authorities reaches for him and is taken care of. This has an added advantage of knowing whatever is happening with you at the moment.

At AlarmForce the priority is to get the procedures done instantaneously. And that is why they keep an individual file for each customer with their medical history. So as soon as you press the button the signal pulls out your medical history in their system which will be send to the concerned authorities. Our representatives are industry certified and are given special training exclusively for medical emergency scenarios. All these are additional services for AlarmForce customers which comes free of cost.

AlarmCare comes to you without the liabilities of an annual contract. It also includes a free installation, free activation and free lifetime warranty. There is only a monthly monitoring fee of $28.

Seniors often ignores using anything that is complex, heavy and incredible. And this is not an age which can take chances. What if you are sick not able to respond when the representative calls? AlarmForce representatives shall contact the emergency numbers which is given by you along with dispatching emergency service. And what if you have a power failure? AlarmForce has a backup battery to save the situation. For convenience it is light weight and water proof. Means that you can take it even to the shower!

AlarmCare is easy to handle for our seniors. The voice prompts will give you the status of the system. Not only that, if the AlarmCare system has any faults they will be alerted to you through the voice prompts.

AlarmCare is designed not just for seniors but for anyone who has a disability or physical ailments. It can be of use in case of any intrusion too. AlarmForce assists you in taking precautions against accidents or any possible emergency that can happen. You will find the simplicity of the system convenient and helpful. AlarmCare special features are highly beneficial to save a life. The AlarmCare system is on constant supervision by AlarmForce central monitoring station to ensure that the system remains functional. Do not delay in educating our seniors about the importance and usage of senior medical alerts should be a personal commitment. AlarmCare is an effective personal response emergency alert to meet the needs of anyone for an emergency assistance.

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